Global Aircraft Support


Trade-Air was founded in 1979. The mandate for the company is simple; to give the operator of a VIP aircraft a complete support program which, in turn, gives total peace of mind.

Having worked with companies such as Lloyds International, Caledonian Airways and Dan Air, the founder, Nigel Webb, was the flight engineer for the Ford Motor Company flight department, operating a Gulfstream GII, Hawker 125, and, later, the VIP BAC 1-11. It was while operating these aircraft Nigel realised that, while there was a great deal of support for airline operations, there was no dedicated support for the VIP/Corporate operator so Trade-Air was born.

Since its inception, the primary concern of Trade-Air has been safety. Together with the supply of the best spares available, Trade-Air will, wherever possible, always offer clients zero time overhauled units over repaired parts.

Once safety is assured, next in line is convenience and efficiency, which a good quality spare part will provide by having a longer life on the wing. This not only reduces long term costs but also helps to prevent the aircraft principal from being unduly inconvenienced. Trade-Air knows there is no point owning a VIP aircraft that is grounded especially if it is due to sub standard spares.

Then there is cost. Even though the customer operates private VIP or corporate aircraft, Trade-Air does not believe there is any need to pay over the odds. Carefully structured pricing is offered without compromise on quality.

With safety, efficiency and cost all working to the customers' advantage, there is one more vital component in Trade-Air's arsenal; to consistently deliver excellence. For the customer to have peace of mind, it is essential that the Trade-Air service is the best available. To achieve this, there is never any compromise on the quality of service, the Trade-Air commitment to you, as customers, is absolute.

For more information, please contact the Trade-Air team:
Telephone: +44-1293-560-666.

Trade-Air serve you around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, person to person.

We understand the meaning of service whether we are sourcing unique supplies or chaperoning an aircraft in an emergency. It's all in a days work.

You will not encounter any answer machines, messaging services or voice mail at Trade-Air. Your custom is highly valued and, at the very least, you deserve to speak to a real person.