Global Aircraft Support

Aircraft Component Maintenance

With great savings and exceptional quality, all packaged with the same attention to detail and service levels that you expect from a world leader in VIP Aircraft support, Trade-Air utilises its twin facilities in the UK and USA to efficiently control all aspects of their ROR (Repair/Overhaul and Return) operations. You, the customer, reaps the benefit of:

  • Free shipping on routine repair ROR work between the UK and USA.
  • Direct liaison between Trade-Air support team and repair shops to keep you informed of the current status.
  • OEM and OEM accredited repair shops, the majority of which Trade-Air has dealt with for over 20 years.
  • Specifically negotiated extended warranties, where possible, to give further peace of mind.
  • An interim loan service to keep you flying while your unit is in for maintenance.
  • Status reports of all components on repair.
  • The ability to handle and manage AOG repairs / overhauls. Trade-Air work directly with the repair facility to ensure that your deadline is met.

The Trade-Air component maintenance program has been exceptionally successful with many of customers making use of the service for over 25 years. Couple this with one of the lowest failure rates of components in the industry, and you know you are working with a winning formula.

For more information, please contact the Trade-Air team:
Telephone: +44-1293-560-666.