Global Aircraft Support


One of the key areas that sets Trade-Air apart from any other spare parts vendor in the business is the commitment to their customers and their ability to rise to any challenge. When you use Trade-Air for the support of your aircraft, you are guaranteed a service that is almost impossible to match and you can rest assured that you are in the safest of hands.

To give you an idea, Trade-Air were recently contacted by one of their customers who had damaged a tyre in a remote location. With no flights available to meet the customers deadline, with the crew's permission, Trade-Air proceeded to charter another aircraft out of Stansted. The aircraft was loaded with an overhauled wheel with a new tyre, an engineer from one of our partners, a jack and wheel change kit. Within 6 hours from the original call all components and the engineer were at the customers aircraft. The wheel was changed and the principal met his departure deadline.

On another occasion, an Airbus CJ customer was grounded in San Francisco for an ADIRU (an export controlled item, for which Trade-Air hold all applicable licences). It immediately became apparent there was no stock in the USA and none of the US Airlines were willing to part with their stock. The aircraft had a charter booked and time was short. Trade-Air located the part in the Gatwick warehouse, and immediately put one of their personnel on the road to Heathrow to hand carry the component to San Francisco.

Unfortunately, the only flights available were to LA so while the employee and the part were mid Atlantic, Trade-Air arranged for a helicopter charter company to meet the representative at Los Angeles together with someone from US Customs and Immigration. The process of getting the part from LA to the aircraft was completed quickly and efficiently, 20 minutes after touching down, the part was being carried onboard a helicopter to its destination. The aircraft was fixed and made its charter with 40 minutes to spare.

As a VIP operation, you do not have access to the materials, tooling and personnel that an airline takes for granted, Trade-Air fills that gap and, furthermore, understands that you will spend a large amount of your time away from your home base. It is for these reasons that Trade-Air has created a service that is comprehensive, robust, and flexible. Whatever you require, wherever you require it, Trade-Air can make it happen.

For more information, please contact the Trade-Air team:
Telephone: +44-1293-560-666.