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Maintenance Management Services

Following in the footsteps of their highly successful component supply and component maintenance programs, Trade-Air have expanded their service portfolio to support customers during planned routine maintenance.

With so many different factors to contend with day to day, routine maintenance is a very busy time for personnel running a VIP aircraft. Trade-Air offers a no fuss service to support your spare parts and component needs during this downtime.

With no outside involvement a maintenance organisation handling the spare parts from a check can cause prices to be inflated or components to be removed unnecessarily. This is where Trade-Air can help. On C and D checks, Trade-Air will place personnel at the facility maintaining your aircraft. Just by having trusted staff on site reduces your final bill as costs can be compared to ensure you benefit from the most competitive pricing.

Having quoted all components against the FBO, you, the operator, choose the option that is best for you. This approach can be particularly cost effective when the FBO is in Europe where repairs are often charged out at over €100.00 per hour. Trade-Air aims to significantly reduce this, when the timeframe allows, by outsourcing the work.

In addition to the comparison of costs, many Trade-Air customers have stated that having personnel on site is invaluable with the day to day running of the check. The supply of a large number of your cabin components means that, while on check, you can stock up on replacement crockery, interior consumables, such as luxury perfumes and toiletries, from around the world. Trade-Air will even take care of the re-plating of your gold and other precious metal items.

For more information, please contact the Trade-Air team:
Telephone: +44-1293-560-666.